Begin here: Imago Clinical Training (Clinical)
Begin here: Imago Clinical Training (Clinical)


Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada
  • In Person

12 days training - full day sessions 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Module 1 - November 9-12, 2023
Module 2 - January 25-28, 2024
Module 3 - April 4-7, 2024
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A combination of theory, practice and personal exploration of relationship dynamics, adaptive styles, and the exquisite perfection of the fit around areas of greatest incompatibility.
Experience the joy and satisfaction of helping couples connect deeply through empathic understanding and growth beyond old adaptive strategies.

STARTS  November 9, 2023 9:00 a.m. PST




Sophie Slade



Registration Instructions

To register visit or contact Christine Hamm at Cost of 12 days in class training: $3000 US Those who have attended Days 1-2 receive $500 credit towards training. Concessions available to those who represent under-serviced populations. For full and partial scholarships contact for more information. If you are very eager to attend but have some specific challenges or questions, please contact Christine Hamm at to see if we can accommodate you.


Learn Imago therapy:


  • Learn the basic Imago skills to facilitate conversations with couples in order to reduce conflict and increase connection and safety.
  • Learn the four meta-theories that provide insight into the conflict which can arise in long term romantic relationships and committed partnerships.
  • Learn and experience the Imago feedback supervision process

The clinical training consists of three modules of 32-course hours each, although faculty offer four modules, and online training formats may vary. The modules are scheduled with several months in between to enable trainees to practice with clients and prepare recordings of practice sessions. *Course delivery hours may vary according to Instructor or Country.


  • Learn the Imago dialogue skills and processes that create connection, safety, and transformation in intimate, committed relationships.
  • Learn the four key theories or lenses to view couples that provide insight into attraction, conflict, and change in relational dynamics
  • This training will help you as a therapist gain practical clinical skills so you know what to DO in challenging moments
  • Experience Imago’s safe strength-based supervision process to increase your clinical compentency and confidence in working with couples
  • Learn about your own family and romantic relationship dynamics and apply what you are learning to your experiences