The Art of Imago Supervision Training (Part 1 of 2)
Advanced Course : Course Level : Level-4

This Imago Supervision* training is open to Certified Imago Relationship Therapists (IRT) with two of the following Advanced Imago courses: The Attuned Therapist, Despair to Repair, Giving and Receiving Love, or Brilliant at the Basics or have already achieved the Advanced Imago Therapist: Level Three. 

The Imago Supervisor embodies the Imago theory when giving feedback to professional colleagues, in self-supervision, and to those seeking supervision from them. Deepen your integration of the relational paradigm. 


NOTE: After completing this 3-day Advanced Imago Supervision training, participants have the option to continue on to become Certified Clinical Imago Supervisors. See that course for requirements. Additional fees apply.

* In some parts of the world the title is Certified Imago Consultant and other places chose to use Certified Imago Supervisor.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES -------------------------------------------------------

  1. Learn in depth case consultation through the Imago lens.
  2. Deepen your capacity to self supervise your own couples. 
  3. Learn and practice four supervisory models for individual and group supervision.
  4. Explore how our lost parts effect our phenomenology, our clinical struggles, and can impact our ability to be objective as a supervisor.
  5. Become an even safer supervisor and colleague when facilitating individuals in consultation or when leading supervision groups