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  • Linda Lewter
    Linda Lewter, LPC – Portsmouth, VA
    BY: Linda Lewter | The training process blew my mind.

    I first saw Harville on the Oprah Winfrey talk show. From my first introduction to Imago…it just made so much sense. I decided at that time that it would be my mission to become an Imago therapist when I had the time or money. Well, I got the time first and worked out the money […]

  • Tara Chivukula
    Tara Chivukula, LCSW – Austin, TX
    BY: Tara Chivukula | I wasn’t sure what do with couples when there was conflict.

    I wasn’t sure what do with couples when there was conflict. Imago taught me the truth about conflict and helped me with practical skills to help my couples. Now I feel safe and trust the process when working with conflict and I like it! Imago therapy gives us a wonderful tool in the form of […]

  • Sille Jõgeva
    Sille Jõgeva, IRT – Tartu, Estonia
    BY: Sille Jõgeva | I felt lonely and misunderstood and the distance between me and my husband was growing...

    My name is Sille Jõgeva. I am from Estonia and I currently live in the beautiful South-Estonian town of Tartu. Right now, professionally I am an advanced Imago relationship therapist, supervisor, and workshop presenter. 15 years ago I was struggling with my life. I could not understand why I wasn’t happy. All my dreams were fulfilled […]

  • Emilio Anguiano
    Emilio Anguiano, LCDC – Austin, TX
    BY: Emilio Anguiano | Imago has become an essential part of my work.

    Imago has become an essential part of my work helping individuals, couples and families. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other therapists and to belong to a community. The Imago clinical certification program integrates both theoretical and experiential information in a safe, exciting and stimulating environment.  

  • Lisa McGovern
    Lisa McGovern, LCSW – Nashville, TN
    BY: Lisa McGovern | Working with relationship dynamics became a passion of mine.

    My name is Lisa McGovern and I am from Nashville, TN. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. My first job out of college was working with men who had been arrested for domestic violence. We taught the men about healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics. I loved this work and seeing that these men all […]