Sille Jõgeva, IRT – Tartu, Estonia
BY: Sille Jõgeva | I felt lonely and misunderstood and the distance between me and my husband was growing...
Sille Jõgeva

My name is Sille Jõgeva. I am from Estonia and I currently live in the beautiful South-Estonian town of Tartu. Right now, professionally I am an advanced Imago relationship therapist, supervisor, and workshop presenter.

15 years ago I was struggling with my life. I could not understand why I wasn’t happy. All my dreams were fulfilled – a loving husband, nice home, healthy children… even the loveliest dog in the world, but most of the time I felt lonely and misunderstood and the distance between me and my husband Tomas was growing .

I thought that something is wrong with me, but I just didn’t know what??. So, I started to seek answers from books and different courses. 5 years later in a hypnotherapy school, we were introduced to different psychological approaches and Imago therapy was one of those.

For me, learning and experiencing Imago was a lifesaver!

My marriage was almost over, we both were unhappy and the distance between us felt like a huge abyss. There was still love, but we both felt lonely on two disconnected sides of this abyss.

Imago gave us the knowledge of how to build a bridge to reconnect us.  We went to the 1st couples workshop of Getting the Love You Want ever held in Estonia, hoping that the course would take away all our suffering…. but no… the course gave us the map, tools and the responsibility to take care of and repair our relationship.

The hard work started and even though did not know exactly how to use all these tools and how to read the map, we had hope and the belief and will to keep going.  The success was just around the corner, but it took years to build stone by stone the new way to be in our relationship. I have enjoyed the journey because I have learned so much, all my relationships have changed for better.

Today my husband Tomas is my best friend with whom I can share everything and we are together on our life’s journey. The Imago skills, tools and practice have given me a power I didn’t ’t know was possible.

The impact for me was so huge, deep and eye-opening I decided to become the Imago relationship therapist…which I have now been for 10 years!

This transformation and both personally and professionally  has given me the best teacher and friend Rebecca Sears. We have become great colleagues as well as great friends on this journey. I just can not imagine my life without Imago.

If I could speak from the heart to someone reading this right now, I would like to say if you want to understand the power of connection you should experience Imago.