Connected Parents, Thriving Kids Presenter Training
Course Level : Level-4

This course provides Advanced Clinicians with the knowledge and skills to present the Getting the Love You Want workshop. The course is devoted to personal growth work to help the participants move beyond their blocks and limitations to become the most present and connected presenters. It will consist of sharing the theory, illustrating with personal stories, doing brilliant demonstrations, and handling the many challenges of being a first-class Imago workshop presenter. Take your Imago knowledge and experience to a whole new level and experience the joy of presenting this material to couples in a way that inspires them and makes them even more available to take this work home. Think back to your Imago Workshop participation and remember the fantastic effect the presenter had on you. Now it is your chance to give that experience back to others.

This training is about learning the structure of the workshops, lectures, demonstrations, etc., but to discover more of your magnificence as a human being and as a healer. Some Imago therapists have taken this training simply to deepen their understanding of the theory and also to grow more into themselves.