Evelin & Klaus Brehm
Evelin & Klaus Brehm
LOCATION: Austria, Vienna |  English, German
TITLE: Senior Faculty

Evelin and Klaus are the creators of the Imago Professional Facilitator Training that they offered for the first time in Vienna in 2008. Since then they have helped many people to integrate Imago into their professional life.

Maga. Evelin Brehm, born 1949 in Vienna, studied education and special and remedial education, psychotherapist (Ö), supervisor and teaching supervisor, coach, Imago couples therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter, Imago Senior Clinical Instructor

Mag. (FH) Klaus Brehm, born 1957 in Nuremberg, studied social work and social science, psychotherapist (EAP), trainer, life and social counselor, coach, Imago Couples Therapist, Imago Workshop Presenter, Imago Senior Clinical Instructor.


Evelin and Klaus Brehm have been living and working with Imago for over 20 years. As Senior Clinical Instructors they accompany couples in their own center in Vienna, train Imago therapists and facilitators, organize workshops for couples and bring Imago to companies and businesses.