Jesica Eames
Jesica Eames, LCSW/JD
LOCATION: United States, Georgia |  English
TITLE: Faculty

Jesica Eames, LCSW/JD, is a Certified Advanced Imago Clinician and Workshop Presenter practicing in Atlanta, Georgia, with Wendy and Bob Patterson at P2 Partnerships. She specializes and thrives in working with couples. Jesica has an empathic and interactive approach with clients. Couples who work with Jesica say that therapy with her is different. In particular, they value her ability to not only foster more connection within the couple, but also to help the couple navigate the complex communities in which they live. Before becoming a therapist, Jesica practiced law at King & Spalding LLP in Healthcare Litigation and Government Investigations. She brings to her practice a deep base of knowledge about university systems, the practice of law, the healthcare industry, parenting and school communities. Clients say that Jesica provides a unique and unusual level care with respect to networking resources that support the couple’s needs (legal, medical, professional, educational). Jesica has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Vassar College, a law degree from Emory University and a Masters in Social Work from Georgia State University. She has been in a relationship with her partner Brian for more than 30 years (they were 16 on their first date). Jesica and Brian found their way to Imago in 1994 when they were 24 years old and struggling. Imago has been the foundation of their relationship ever since. They are Workshop Presenters together and have three sons – Jack, Keyes, and Hayes.


  • Imago through a Developmental Lens Advanced Course

    Imago through a Developmental Lens Advanced Course

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