Jeannie Ingram
Jeannie Ingram
LOCATION: United States, Tennessee |  English
TITLE: Faculty
"We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship" -Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt


I’m Jeannie Ingram, originally from Birmingham, Alabama. I currently live In Nashville, TN, after a decade in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently I am in private practice here in Nashville, specializing in Imago Relationship Therapy. I also present Imago workshops: Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop for Couples and Start Right Stay Connected Premarital Seminar. I am now certified as a clinical instructor / faculty member with the Imago International Training Institute (IITI).

My journey with Imago began in 2005 when I was simultaneously experiencing my own relationship crisis, trying somewhat unsuccessfully to help couples in my office, AND hearing that the International Imago Conference was going to be in Atlanta and they needed volunteers. Curious, having heard about Imago, I signed up to volunteer at that conference, so I could learn more. My first take away was comical: The first day, I knew that I had found my tribe as I learned that my volunteer job was to hand out kazoos at the door! “Now this is a fun way to start a conference”, I thought. “And these are my people”!

My curiosity with Imago became serious intrigue after being introduced to Wendy Patterson that same day. She would later become my clinical instructor and eventually my colleague and treasured friend. I cannot imagine where I would be – personally or professionally – without her in my life. I’ll say more about her later, but I KNEW I wanted to train with her, after spending a few minutes with her talking about Imago Therapy. So I signed up for the training, which is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The journey to certification began, as it does, with a workshop. It’s the first step in becoming an Imago Therapist. I left that weekend realizing I had done more personal work in two days than I had in years of individual therapy. I was hooked, and I was personally transformed. During that workshop, I gained a deep understanding of who I was and how I had become the person I was. And there was a significant shift toward self-compassion. It was such a healing weekend. The next step after the workshop was Wendy’s Basic Clinical Training class. My colleagues in that training eventually referred to our cohort as “litter mates” because we were so bonded. Consistent with Imago, we did our own relationship work with in that training. Along with my litter mates, I continued to unpack my relationship history in the safety of Wendy’s training room. She was so incredibly safe; she was a wise and wonderful instructor / guide. Over the course of the 12 days of training, she taught, modeled, demonstrated, shared her own experiences, encouraged and nurtured each of us in this group. We learned the principles of Imago and how to skillfully use the many tools in the “toolbox”. It was a fascinating experience, and I had never been a part of such a meaningful journey as a professional. I knew I had found my niche. I was in love with Imago, with this new way to practice couples therapy.

I’ve been saying for years that Imago truly transformed the way I live, love and practice therapy. Seventeen years after that Atlanta conference, I am happier and more successful in my life and practice because of the decision to take this journey. I am more authentic than I’ve ever been, having identified and shed so many layers of protective armor. I’m who I am, living my happily married life in Nashville, Tennessee with my partner, Carolyn. Professionally, I can say I am good at what I do because of my Imago Training. I love it when my clients think I’m some kind of wizard because I can help them connect. I say “this is the power of Imago”, and it’s true. I especially love it when they refer their friends because they had such a great experience! This is rewarding work. Not only do I immensely enjoy my work with couples; I am also involved with the Imago Community, both locally and globally. This community has become very much a family to me. Not only am I part of an international faculty; I am fortunate to be part of several groups, where creativity is nurtured, theory is explored, good work and teamwork results in deep friendships. I’ve travelled to several different countries and literally have hundreds of friends around the world who speak this international language of Imago. When I give workshops, one of the first things I share is my love for this work. I say “if I won the lottery and suddenly became a multi-millionaire, I would still do this work because it’s so meaningful”. I’m looking forward to the next part of the journey, training new Imago therapists, and helping them transform their life and practice.


Jeannie Ingram is an Imago Therapist, Advanced Clinician, Workshop Presenter and Imago Faculty Clinical Instructor, in Nashville, Tennessee. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. Jeannie helps couples reconnect in her practice in Nashville, TN, and through facilitating Getting the Love You Want and Start Right, Stay Connected Couples workshops. She loves cooking, writing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and sailing with her partner, Carolyn. She is dedicated to helping couples and individuals find joy, meaning, success and connection through the practice of mindful, purposeful living and loving.