Orli Wahrman
Orli Wahrman, MSW
LOCATION: Israel |  English, Hebrew, Arabic
TITLE: Senior Faculty

Orli Wahrman, MSW is an Imago therapist, Workshop Presenter, Consultant, Senior Faculty member, and the Co – CEO of Imago Israel. Additionally, she is a qualified Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Trauma therapist, a Sex theraphist and Supervisor, and Family and Couples therapist. Just after 9/11 Orli was among the initial group that started THE IMAGO PEACE PROJECT, which led to the development of Communologue, a way to safe communication in groups. Combining Imago work and Communologue, she created the Palestinian-Israeli Imago Project, which brought together couples from both peoples. MY STORY My name is Orli Wahrman (pronounced Varman). I am originally from Jerusalem, and I currently live in Reut, Israel. Professionally, I am a clinical Social Worker (MSW), a certified supervisor and family therapist, an SE practitioner, and a sex therapist. My journey with Imago began more then 20 years ago, when a therapist friend of mine, Orit Drori, has told me she went to an outstanding workshop, and that to participate you must bring your spouse. This was the beginning of my first Imago journey with Hedy Schleifer. I was immediately attracted to Imago both personally and professionally. I remember thinking I might find an additional answer to why my couples on their second marriage complain about the same dynamics as in their first one. I also thought maybe this workshop can “fix” Gideon a little..make him a little more friendly, a little less immersed in his books…Even though he is an Archaeologist, and thought all of this was a bit of a mambo jumbo, he came with me, not only to the GLYW, but also to the full training, both done by Hedy. My second love affair with Imago was with Jette Simon. I was told by a dear friend who died last year: Hannah Engel, that when you’re with Hedy, you believe she’s God, and when you’re with Jette, you feel you’re God.. she was right! I totally enjoyed the journey with Jette, in Denmark, Slovenia and Israel! I also had the privilege to train with Maya Kollman and Maureen Brine! Oh, what an experience! I see myself incredibly lucky! I am the Co-Chair of Imago Israel, together with Leora Grunhaus. It seems we’ve been doing this forever, taking care of our Imago community, both therapists and facilitators, creating opportunities for growth and accumulating knowledge, fun and advanced courses. In addition to my work with Leora, I have also done many courses and presentations with Lilliana Bastaic from Croatia, and while being a year in The States, I gave a few courses with Marcia Ferstenfeld from Michigan and others. In the last year I’ve given Sex, Sensuality and Imago and a Supervision class with Sophie Slade, and enjoyed every minute!! As I was, and still am, also an active member of the Imago organization, I find that Imago plays an excessively big part in my life, also time wise. I try to walk my own talk, and sometimes to persuade other people to do so with more or less success.. I love combining Imago both with body work (SE) and with my work as a sex therapist. I try relentlessly to bring Imago to the three sex clinics I belong to. Over the years I was one of the creators of Communologue, and as a member of the Imago Peace Project, I teach Communologue in many places around the world, face to face and online. I wrote and edited the Communologue Manual, and I was involved in a few projects like the Palestinian-Israeli Imago Project 2001-2008. I love teaching Imago and doing the trainings. What I like most of all is to see the growth and the journey, each student is going through, with my help as their mentor more then their teacher. I also love the moment when it seems they got the point that the process is more important than the content. One lesson my students have taught me, is to always trust the process, and allow flexibility, even when my more rigid parts come out, trying to control the agenda.